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Why is it so important to choose the right social media platform?

They say that properly implemented social media marketing is a key factor in moving everything forward. In fact, that's true. Cryptoauxiliary considers all the perspectives that social media offers and why it's difficult to implement all your social media marketing ideas.

Social media is where viewers and customers really are, so it's the easiest way to reach them through posts, articles, contests, comments, and visuals.

Why do you need it?

First, increase sales by acting like an advertisement. The more people get to know your product, the more they may ask you for service.

Second, the presence of powerful social media enhances brand loyalty and awareness, which leads to natural traffic.

Social media marketing helps you achieve KPIs, thereby increasing sales and establishing a strong market position. Educating your audience through the content you create will increase your brand's credibility.

Interesting content makes your social media and your products stand out from all other companies and their products (there are a lot of them and you need to stand out so you don't drown in this ocean). When you are noticed, you will attract a lot of free leads that will further promote your product.

And in fact, social media marketing helps support all other digital marketing strategies. What is the beginning?

Make wise choices

Each social media target and goal is different, and the wrong choice can have a negative impact on the entire project, so choosing the right social media platform is the starting point.

Perhaps the most popular is Facebook. Facebook is loved by a large number of users of all backgrounds, ages and nationalities and is what we need to reach more users. A well-balanced gender group will improve the overall picture.

Instagram is really a visual aid paradise. Typical Instagram users are younger than Facebook users. Also, there are more females than males. Instagram is suitable for products where the visual part is important.

Twitter is right for communication. With hundreds of millions of active users (mainly 18-30 years old), this is a great opportunity to interact with potential customers through short, lively tweets and procedures about this industry or trending topics in that industry. If you really need B2B, LinkedIn is a platform that will help you. It allows you to interact with people based on their industry, industry, or position. Users here are generally older than entertainment users.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and is perfect for projects if you have video content that you can view and share with 1 billion YouTube users. Popular for all ages and genders, of course, fun, fun and useful (better at once) videos can be the key to success.

Pinterest is another great solution for image-oriented products. This platform is most popular with female (80%) viewers aged 18-35. If you need to show off great visual content, this should be a good fit for your business.

Medium may act as a library containing detailed articles on product-related topics, not just blogs. A vivid example of social media journalism. Links to Medium articles can be provided on other social media platforms so that posts aren't cluttered with heavy text.

Reddit is popular around the world for all ages, genders and backgrounds and aims to address and discuss issues addressed and resolved within the project. Interesting and entertaining short posts encourage lively and lively discussions in the audience.

Quora is a knowledge sharing platform that allows users to ask specific questions and then vote for the best and most useful answer that appears first. Quora is the perfect solution for asking product-related questions, answering yourself, demonstrating your skills, and providing your audience with the useful answers they need.

Plan carefully

Immediately after deciding which social media platform to choose to grow your product, you need to analyze your choices and decide how to trade. Depending on what your potential viewers like (mainly based on platform type and who you see as a customer), start creating content. What will it be? Is it good for discussion? Is the article informative? Keep in mind that having a deep understanding of both the details of the social media platform and the tastes of your audience can be a daunting task (not to mention understanding your product!).

You also need a carefully planned social media schedule. Social media development isn't just about posting whenever you want. This is a complete editing calendar with clear, daily scheduled content. Use dates, headings, and platforms to clarify where each piece of information can be placed. We recommend adding reminders. It will time-control your plans and will not forget the next post you have planned.

Communicating with the Audience

It may sound strange, but some companies don't communicate with their followers. Communication is the main purpose of social media platforms, so ignoring it is not a good idea. I don't insist on replying to all the comments left below the post (although I will reply if there are few subscribers), but it can still be useful. You can interact in polls, contests, giveaways, and other activities that require viewer action. As your followers grow, these activities allow your viewers to become interested and attract new people while maintaining engagement.

This communication can bring you new leads – influencers who help you grow. We once wrote how they really helped you and why you need to have a good relationship with them.

Social media promotion campaigns are also a great way to generate interest, discussion and communication about your product. They also prevented you from targeting the customers who are most interested in your offer.

Why is it so difficult?

Finding content managers, editors, designers and SEO specialists one by one will definitely cost you a fortune.

Forming a team of creative professionals to work on content can take months, or even years. Create and distribute content.

Improper use of analytical tools and statistical extractions can lead to customer loss.

From schedules to minimal information, it's difficult to create a good content plan. Wrong content plans reduce viewer reach and engagement.

Adapting content to the details of each platform requires in-depth knowledge of how they all work and keeping track of the latest trends. There is another natural and important element. It means that there are only 24 hours a day. Working alone is difficult and time consuming. So if you try to do everything yourself, you will somehow lose either in marketing or in the quality of the product (or both, this is a sad but common practice).


Strengthening social media is an important factor in developing a digital marketing strategy, but trying to reach all the goals yourself can be difficult and costly. This is where marketing agencies like NinjaPromo can help. The already formed team of experts can focus directly on the business, so they are familiar with everything inside and outside the territory, saving a lot of time and nerves.

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