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What You Should NEVER Do With Your Brand

Each business or product needs clear and unique visual aids which distinguish it from the crowd. Logo, website, some video material, even lettering - if success is what you require, there is nothing that may be disregarded.

You must examine all the elements of your future images before letting your creativity fly high. What notion would you like to bring into your brand? What's your reputation later on? Who's your customer and what might he or she need? What niche are you planning to take over? So many questions can certainly induce a headache, but in this instance the worst thing is to give in to this headache.

Working with your brand's visual aids could end in a true catastrophe and even a curse, especially when you move too far away from what was truly meant. But no panic! No panic! If you know something (well, all right) went wrong, you can enhance it yet, or try to make it a better one (probably a better variant, then try to salvage something hopelessly awful).

Real trouble begins when you don't realise that all is horrible, and let the wide people see this...

Diagnosis: Divided logo.

Honestly, no idea who was on the left the author of these "masterpieces" and that's not the most important thing. Why did the enterprises agree to use these logos? Not sure if they wanted to burrow 6 feet in ridicule of their trademarks...

The logo should obviously indicate nothing that you don't want, thus ambiguity is never a good idea. Especially if it seems to represent some unsavoury brand issues. Double particularly if world society recalls of tragedies of all kinds (tyranny, genocide, warfare underscore what they need (not). Also, avoid colouring the eye – you should attract the audience, not vice versa. Then ensure that you pay attention to all cultural peculiarities when dealing with the globe market (eh, at least the most obvious). Be careful of jokes and comedy – it's too individual. And somewhat silly if not originally meant.

One good suggestion is to create an image of one thing, which is appropriately designed and reflects the main theme. Combine mild colours (better 2–3, maximum 4–5), and better insert brand name written: it can provide you more image freedom. A creolized text (see the blue text with a shark and the one with a penguin?) would only be excellent — but only short (1-3 terms). By the way, if your logo doesn't include corporate colours... that's strange.

Identity of company: not found

This is the result of the logo. Or from which logo — these two are too linked. IDENTIFY is the main aim of building business identity. Colors, letters, some personal things, all like a single song. But just as music can be impersonal, difficult to remember and of low quality, corporate identity may be the same. It is apparent that the corporate identity suffers the same disease if the logo is only horrible.

Believe, not too many corporate colours are necessary. It is actually wonderful if they are all reflected in the logo. If not everything, that's all right, but don't overwhelm it. It would only cause headache and want to abandon the page right away.

Lettering is no less important than colours. You certainly don't need more, choose one font. Identity is what distinguishes you. How will you be different if your brand reminds you of a chaotic mess? Minimalism is trendy now and is likely to keep its place. Just because it's comfortable and easy to look at.

UI/UX: call the physician!

What is the corporate identity concentration? It's today the website (or applications) — really your brand's face. The face should be clear and clean, the interface... clean and clear! And easy to browse. Remember those 90's and early 2000's websites? It's astonishing, but even in 2019 several companies have the same thing.

As said earlier, choose one typeface and use it and its variants ONLY. Don't write too much font size text. What do you attempt to save? Space page? Practice shows that if the material is relevant and fascinating it is not difficult to scroll down. It's quicker to close the page at the same moment than to find some small letters.

Images. Do not utilise them if they have nothing to deal with the issue of the brand. It is neither a poster for elementary school, not 90's to display "beautiful cute" photos anywhere you can get.

If something confuses interface and navigation — just set it aside. Better forever. Better forever.

Video amateur — poor video

Please honey, you're not a teenager YouTube channel on your website and social media platforms—there is no room for unprofessional films. Lo-fi quality is not good when it comes to the production of brand video. How can the audience acquire the history or goal of your brand through badly designed video?

90 or 120 seconds may seem eternal if unneeded deviations and 8-bit picture are squandered this time. Or, more actual, this time up to 1 second can be cut - a person would just close it and locate another company.

Your video material must continue your business identity, with simple phrases and clear ideas. You want to learn, share and clarify experiences, and it is not good to clarify the video too.

It's up to you

The worst caution for anyone is to order and obtain the above-mentioned visual assistance. How to find a trustworthy creative agency? You don't have to do that, because we discovered you! NinjaPromo gives your brand the images of your dreams and that of your customers. We made numerous businesses happy – just see what we can achieve for you!

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