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What is it that experts should be publishing in order to take over on social media such as Instagram

We would like to discuss which posts from the expert's blog to publish.

1. Expert-training content

2. Assessment of expert questions from their industry/subjective opinion

3. Content from personal life

You will not find a 100% -working formula or regulation in how much content is the right amount to post. This is why.

There are various different categories of audience in the profile at any given time:

1. Old engaged audience (core audience)

2. Moderate audience

3. Newcomers

The type of content that can be published on a PBE depends on the percentage of its respective audience segment

The author and his views appeal to the conservative and moderate readership. The author's personal life is of less interest to newcomers.

They start reading the author, but they have also subscribed to the topic.

What does the term mean? At the first, WHO is more significant than WHAT is stated, but ultimately, the focus shifts and WHO says what he says becomes crucial.

It is critical to put out useful content before to when a marketing campaign kicks into high gear; during the stage of growth and for a short period afterward. To increase engagement, wait till the "warm-up" is over, and then add some personal stuff.

a clarification needed Although we're referring to the PBE and not Instagram-style bloggers in particular, we are using the term "Instagram blogger" in this context.

How much of "personal life" should you show in the content that isn't targeted towards your specific interests? As far as we are concerned, no more than 30-40 percent." Your customers should never forget why they subscribed to you in the first place. Are you looking for a training video or a photo of your breakfast?

There is a profile on mobile photography training about a young woman who is involved in it. In feed, the reach is approximately 50% to 60% and the number of engagement, while in Stories, the reach is approximately 0% to 10%

It was a ridiculous dilemma. A lot of professional content was featured in the stream. Stories were able to gather funds since people subscribed. Level "My child and I are playing in the sandbox" contained the details they needed. They subscribed so they might learn, not just for themselves and their children.

Let's summarise, always have in mind what your audience is interested in. Finally, your content will be of the highest quality for your readers.

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