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What are the Best Ways to Invest in Blockchain Technology?

In recent years, blockchain has made tremendous progress. Investors sometimes question how to invest in blockchain technology, given its exponential surge in popularity. Blockchain is particularly advantageous because it solves multiple problems and offers numerous solutions for a wide range of startups, businesses, and government entities. In this way, blockchain technology improves the efficiency, security, transparency, and cost-effectiveness of work operations in the financial, technological, educational, and governmental sectors.

Blockchain was originally created for digital currencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) and was intended to be used for secure currency transactions. However, proponents of blockchain technology have recognised the benefits of the technology and have integrated it into regular work processes through tools such as e-governance and data storage.

In other words, anyone who wants to perform safe, secure transactions, whether they're dealing with money, goods, or other assets in transit, can use blockchain. When a transaction is completed in the system, it is recorded in the system's "block," which cannot be modified or erased. This is evident and gives users confidence.

Another significant advantage of employing the system is the decentralised approach, which eliminates the need for third-party engagement or governmental control. This is why many sectors are turning to the blockchain platform to streamline their operations, boost managerial productivity and efficiency, and ensure data security.

Let's take a look at some of blockchain's primary benefits:

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Because there is no single person in charge of everything, this form of immutable system of records allows all users to be equal. All users are aware of current occurrences and confident in the security of their records due to the openness and permanence of the data blocks.

Implementation of the Blockchain

The possibility of blockchain deployment in a variety of disciplines and businesses attracts venture capital (VC) funding for business development.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most common sectors in which blockchain is used (investments in Bitcoin, Ether, or others). Buying crypto currencies is one of the most straightforward methods to invest in technology. A given sort of coin or token can be purchased, and after it is posted on an exchange, it can be traded, allowing the owner to profit from the increasing value. Market cryptocurrency capitalisation is estimated to be around $354 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. The following are the most common forms of cryptocurrency:

However, it should be noted that investing in coins and tokens is becoming less and less popular in recent years. The growing popularity of the numerous firms and ICO campaigns created on the blockchain platform might be explained as the cause of this trend. The primary difference is that they claim not only to boost the value of an investment, but also to promote a product or service to improve certain processes in a variety of industries.

As a result, blockchain can be used in a variety of fields in addition to cryptocurrency:

  • financial technology and banking

  • Donations and charity

  • security and data storage

  • Education

  • energy

  • government and voting rights are all covered under voting rights

  • insurance.

  • Legal and law enforcement

  • IoT

  • media and marketing

  • Logistics and supply chains

  • medical industry and healthcare

Take a closer look at the benefits of blockchain in the industries indicated above:

The breadth of use cases demonstrates how important blockchain is to any company's process. Blockchain technology is the way to go as long as there are records, important data, or information to be saved!

You are invited to consult the Cryptoauxiliary team if you have fascinating ideas and wish to build a blockchain-based firm. This blockchain firm assists with the launch of initial coin offerings (ICOs) as well as the construction of ICO cabinets, smart-contract deployment, and other related services.

Interest in blockchain technology has risen steadily since 2014, from $30 million per year to more than $200 million in 2017. According to projections, investment in 2019 will surpass $400 million!

With blockchain's growing popularity, many individuals are looking for new methods to invest in it. Let's take a look at some of the most common investing trends.

The Best Ways to Invest in Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies power blockchain technology, but there are a variety of different methods to invest in blockchain without using digital tokens. As of now, the greatest alternative is to invest in blockchain startups and crowdfunding platforms. Because the crypto industry is rife with frauds, it's critical to undertake thorough research in order to avoid potential risks and select the best solutions.

It is critical, like with any investment, to conduct thorough study and gain a thorough understanding of the underlying technology. To begin, you might use ICO evaluation sites that include statistics and professional reviews to learn everything you can about your investing alternatives. Keep up with the newest developments by reading topical blogs and following various cryptocurrency channels (Box Mining, Data Dash, Tommy World Power, etc.)

The following are the major points to consider:

  • What is the project's concept, and what problem does it address?

  • What is the project launch industry and how does it work?

  • Is this a competitive product? Compare and contrast the project's good and weak points.

The project is worth considering if the replies entirely satisfy you and provide thorough, comprehensive, and explicit information.

Investing in startups is purchasing stock or mutual funds from companies that employ blockchain technology to create a certain product or service. What is the best way to invest in blockchain stocks? Investigate a variety of businesses that use blockchain technology because to its durability, transparency, immutability, and improved security.

You can invest in any blockchain startup you want! Start by investigating and evaluating all technological advantages if you're a company representative or CEO looking for strategies to utilise blockchain. This could be the missing link you've been seeking for, as blockchain offers cost savings, security, and transparency to your company. And keep in mind that these are only a few of the benefits blockchain could provide for your company.

Let's look at some of the big sectors that are utilising blockchain technology to improve company processes and administration.

Financial Innovations

Financial technology is fast evolving these days, as it is directly involved in regular banking activities including payment processing, investments, and buying and selling orders. FinTech is extensively accepted e-commerce platforms, online exchanges, and financial systems in order to conduct these operations at a high level. Blockchain startups benefit the most among FinTech companies. According to a global FinTech research, 77 percent of businesses are projected to adopt blockchain for more convenience:

The following are some of the reasons why financial institutions are investing in blockchain technology:

  • It enables a decentralised network for securely and scalably sharing information, as well as immutable data transfers.

  • It saves money through lowering spending and increasing efficiency.

  • The implementation of smart contracts ensures that user commitments are completed prior to transactions.

  • Transparency and conflict-free data sharing are provided through a cryptographically encrypted system (without third-party involvement)

Here's a selection of FinTech startups to think about:

By investing in financial startups, you will contribute to the development of a variety of products and services that will improve financial productivity, lower costs, and improve user security.

Check out the top Initial Coin Offerings in Finance!

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is another worldwide industry that has used blockchain. The supply/logistics network that deals with data and information about items (goods or services) and the people involved in the trading process is referred to as this.

Blockchain technology enables supply-chain records to be kept transparently and securely, disclosing product specifics on:

  • information on origin chemicals

  • suppliers/producers

  • consumption

  • product storage

Supply-chain and logistics networks that invest in blockchain can reduce human error, avoid product delays, remove the danger of fraud or scams, improve management, and boost confidence between parties.

Take a look at the advantages of implementing blockchain in supply-chain management:

A list of the most recent blockchain supply-chain businesses may be seen below.


Privacy, data accessibility, and trust between patients, doctors, and insurance companies are all current healthcare challenges. Hospitals have difficulty exchanging medical information with other medical workers or establishments when they supply it in a centralised manner.

The advantages of using blockchain technology in the medical field are clear, as it allows for the creation of a medical ecosystem that includes:

  • All sorts of forgery are prevented since records are kept safely and securely, and information is easily accessible. Payments are made quickly and confidentially.

  • In the healthcare field, BC uses cases.

  • Investing in healthcare companies will improve patient outcomes and

  • make medical data more accessible.

Take a look at the top 5 ICOs that can help you save money on healthcare!


Investing in education startups holds a lot of promise in terms of bettering the lives of young people. It is critical to get a good education in order to live a rich life. Science is no longer completely dependent on traditional learning methods. Instead, it employs a variety of platforms to promote educational projects, give self-sufficiency through e-learning, and allow participation in a variety of specialised bootcamps. ICO developers are embracing the benefits of blockchain to give new solutions to the production of technical competence in this new era of learning.

Blockchain stimulates the knowledge and incentive system, generates reliable credentials, and keeps data safe and accessible. Collaboration between students, teachers, professors, parents, and schools has been greatly simplified and improved!

If you're looking to invest in education, don't miss out on the top three EdTech ICOs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major industry in today's society, and its efficiency is heavily reliant on blockchain applications.

Global technology looks to be a critical process driver, given the rapid development of all technical areas and businesses. Artificial intelligence, often known as machine learning, performs a variety of jobs that remove human mistake and boost the productivity of work processes. For enterprises or entrepreneurs, it is feasible to construct a working environment or ecosystem in which certain duties are performed automatically, saving time and human effort.

Incorporating blockchain into AI:

Investing in AI businesses creates new opportunities and solves existing problems in the workplace. It is possible to automate up to 25% of job-related tasks with the help of AI. Machine intelligence will surpass that of humans by 2050, according to predictions.

Don't forget to check out the most popular AI ICOs.

There are several approaches to answering the question, "How should I invest in blockchain?" The craze for cryptocurrencies is decreasing, but viewpoints differ! Consider investing not just in digital currencies, but also in potential businesses and initiatives in many industries, as they are equally valuable. Don't limit yourself to the industries we've highlighted; there are plenty more. Investigate the subject that interests you the most!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Cryptoauxiliary team of professionals!

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