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Top 10 NFT Marketplace Developers in 2022

As the NFT sector expands, entrepreneurs have a choice. Especially if they are planning to enter the NFT space.

If you want to offer an NFT marketplace to your customers, you need to contact the appropriate developer.

Are you confused about which company to choose?

This blog will show you how to choose the best and most reliable NFT market developer for your specific needs. Listed below are the 10 best NFT marketplace developers in 2022. Keep reading!


INORU is an excellent development company for the NFT marketplace. It specializes in providing a prestigious NFT marketplace.

Experience working in different types of marketplaces and versatile. For example, there are NFT marketplace options that offer music, art, and many other similar opportunities. The market is also cheap. Undoubtedly, everyone can serve the market in less time.

In addition, the company offers a 360 degree range of services. It includes:

  • NFT Development Service

  • NFT marketing service

  • Development of NFT marketplace

  • Development of the NFT music market

  • NFT Collectable Marketing Services and many others.

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a leading NFT marketplace developer that looks like a pioneer in this sector.

They aim to provide the innovative solutions and unique ideas needed to implement a suitable NFT marketplace for their customers.


Appdupe is a company that specializes in providing NFT marketplace development solutions at an affordable price. We provide solutions with short delivery times without sacrificing quality. Meet unique customer needs and lead the way to global reach. They work in different niches such as art, music and various other areas of the NFT world. They also have a solid reputation.

Turnkey Town

Turnkey Town is a trusted NFT development company. You are customer-centric and interested in providing an NFT marketplace that meets your customers' needs. Like the Inoru, Turnkey Town focuses on providing a wide range of services. Diversified NFT marketplace development services include the following.

  • NFT for arts

  • NFT for music

  • NFT for games

  • Photography

  • Digital collectibles

  • Other domains

Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is a firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners enter the NFT space by deploying the NFT marketplace.

The company offers user-friendly interfaces along with solid security measures for transactions.

The team focuses on delivering the solution suitable for the individuals and also comes with suggestions to make your marketplace more profitable.


Leewayhertz is an NFT marketplace development company.

There are off-the-shelf solutions with built-in great features.

This out-of-the-box solution allows entrepreneurs and business people to quickly deploy the NFT Marketplace.

Antier Solution

Antier Solution is a provider of NFT marketplace solutions. With transparency and a customer-centric approach in the development process, the company is more credible and preferred by business owners.


TokyoTechie is an India-based company or provider that provides blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.

They are known for their professional services that provide high quality solutions. Pre-packaged solutions help aspiring entrepreneurs dive into the world of NFTs by offering their own NFT marketplace.


Askgalore aims to provide the perfect blend of services and unique products to differentiate our clients in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment.


Lightrains Technolabs is one of India's leading companies providing solutions to businesses.

Final Words

The rise in hype surrounding NFTs paves the way for the emergence of the NFT Marketplace, the medium through which NFTs are traded.

In the current situation, the NFT sector is filled with multiple NFT marketplaces.

Surprisingly, entrepreneurs can develop their own NFT market, so the NFT sector also offers a large open space for business opportunities.

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