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Things You Neglect Because They Are Obvious While Marketing Your Crypto Project

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It is time we talked about something so obvious that people forget to take care of it. Cryptoauxiliary reminds you of the four essential parts of your blockchain project's digital promotion.

The Blockchain business, despite its increasing position, is still seen by far too many individuals – public and professional – as a dark horse of industry. People are not unlocking their potential as crypto-investors, and entrepreneurs remain wary about the crypto market at best.

And this is understandable considering issues such as lack of industry history and the intangibles nature of many blockchain companies' services and products. As a result, it is just not clear enough whether this or that project is successful and money worth investing on.

Yes, a lot of investment is needed for crypto enterprises. And people don't want to spend their hard-earned money on something they regard as ambiguous and undefined.

Blockchain projects stand on their communities' shoulders. But how are you getting a community under such difficult circumstances?

If any crypto company has the correct marketing approach, it can rise over others. There is no general solution to every case, as in any other discipline. Marketing in Blockchain is difficult than most, with certain typical marketing tactics hardly appropriate and others absolutely not working. Each project demands a unique approach, so that a reliable business owner gets an appropriate marketing team or turns into an ICO marketing agency. But there are still many procedures that everyone who enters the blockchain race should take.

Website: Your Internet Corner

At this point it should be evident that a website for a company is like food to individuals, it is needed in any form to survive, but it must be of good quality so that survival can transform into a prosperous existence. With a required landing page with minimal information, numerous slogans and a few connections, even for traditional companies, let alone crypto ventures which are completely online. To succeed in your project, you need expert UI/UX design with thoughtful platform branding, which gives all readers with important and accessible information, whether they are high-profile investors or sometimes accidentally visitors to your website. Short movies explaining the characteristics of the project would also benefit you greatly.

Note: Avoid profound crypto lingo and very specific business phrases — they are frightening of average investors and hardly impressive for skilled specialists. Be easier to understand, and more people will be drawn to you.

Also, don't forget to react to your website design. Statista says that 52.2% of website traffic in the world is generated by mobile telephones in 2018 and it is truly surprising that even some technology companies would neglect this aspect of web-design and instead either put mobile design for the desktop (which is hideous and hardly usable) or totally forget it (which might lead to all the elements of the site to pile together into unreadable mess).

Diving in Details White Paper

Your White Paper is the correct and highly precise document that should not be your website. In it you discuss in great detail the operations and problems of your crypto firm. White Paper should clarify the complexities of your ICO project, stress its features and give any information that can be of interest to a potential investor.

Note: don't overcomplicate your white paper. It is just as much a promotional item as it is a comprehensive representation of your whole company. A well-compiled white paper is a terrific tool to help make your path public.

You should find your White Paper easily on your website, so that your visitors become investors as quickly as feasible.

Social Media: Presence is necessary

To reach and consistently extend your existing audience, you need to develop a 24/7 link to the following. And social networks are the best method to do it. Facebook and Telegram groups, YouTube channels, Twitter business accounts, BitcoinTalk subprojects and other features are valuable for the establishment of your community.

Note: nonetheless, be careful with your presence in social media. Crypto enterprises are incredibly specific and you have to examine your project and your audience to find out what platforms you want because you don't have to be everywhere at once in many circumstances. If you don't, something that doesn't push you forward may lose time and money.

Crypto ventures are heavily dependent on their follow-up and you need to ensure that you receive feedback and that they are at least in a modest way involved in project development.

Press: Do you need it anyway?

The brief answer is: sure, you do. Here's a long answer: while Crypto is an internet company, so are many conventional and finance venues. Some have grown from their "paper phase" and joined the digital era, and others have developed themselves through Internet expansion. To advertise your project and demonstrate potential investors that you mean business, however, you have to engage with popular media such as Bloomberg and Forbes as well as with once-related cryptography such as Cointelegraph and CCN.

Note: If you have difficulties finding a starting point, you can construct your initiative with a single page, email it to the editors or authors and attach your white paper. They receive such offers every day, however, so ensure that your message is succinct and highly informative.

If your press releases or articles are published in important media venues, your reputation and the quality and size of your audience will improve.

These are the four directions to be covered when you develop a marketing strategy for your blockchain project. Please present it concisely, showcase your skills, do not waste time on beautiful phrases and get your message out, showing your future place. Nobody knows your project as well as you do so that you and your team can attract investors and loyal followers to your ambitions.

Thank you very much for reading this article! If you'd like it, please share it and tell us what you think today about the cost of the ICO launch. You could also enjoy our other stories:

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