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Procedures for Discovery and Product Definition: How to Get Your Best Software Project Started

Procedures for Discovery and Product Definition: How to Get Your Best Software Project Started

Everything You Need to Know About Product Launch Success

If you manage a tech company or are intending to construct a technological solution, you should be aware of a typical pitfall.

It has long been known, and many books have been written about it. Despite this, I see businesses make the same mistakes. Time and time again! And the danger is... Lack of requirements management and understanding between business and technology owners about how to launch a successful product.

With regard to market suitability.

Within the constraints of your schedule and budget.

“The reason I'm so passionate about it is because I first observed it when I was a student in the early 2000s. I determined then that I wanted to learn how to combine technology and business. I gained adequate knowledge on both sides of the table by guiding dozens of initiatives to market leadership positions. In technical enterprises, a lot has changed since then. Because of agile development approaches, in particular... Putting a greater emphasis on communication and coordination between numerous stakeholders and the execution team,”

However, the existential problem of misplaced expectations persists. And here's how we deal with it at Cryptoauxiliary (and what we recommend to you):

Discovery Many sessions

Typically, 1-3 hour sessions or conference calls with significant whiteboarding are scheduled. We use a variety of formats to reach a broad consensus on the domain:

BPMN: We talk about a lot of different business processes and draw them out in semi-formal BPMN diagrams.

We characterise numerous entities that participate in the workflow, their desired benefits, impediments, and tools for attaining their goals in a roles map.

Interactions Flow: This is typically used in the later phases of the discovery process to explain the interactions between system components. Each end-to-end use case usually requires one slide.

Event storming is a very new practise that evolved from event sourcing, which is a completely distinct approach to software system architecture. Although we are firm believers in event sourcing, we must agree that it is a more sophisticated method than entity-driven development. And the benefits of employing it must be verified on a case-by-case basis. Event storming, on the other hand, is a fantastic method you can use right now.

Product Definition

You and your tech staff should now be on the same page, thanks to the successful discovery sessions. Should it have resulted in a successful launch, more product definition activities should be held.

Despite the fact that they take weeks (part-time, of course!) to complete, they result in a thorough understanding of the domain, high-fidelity wireframes, and annotations. (A collection of 75-150 screens describing user flows is not uncommon for a medium-sized software programme.)

As for us, we were able to develop, construct, and implement some of the most time- and cost-effective software solutions with the help of partners who understand the importance of the above-mentioned actions.

Here’s the recommended reading list on the topic:


Event Sourcing:

Scrum Guide:

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