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Marketing Lifehacks: How to Effectively Attract Audiences

It's far from an easy task – attracting a target audience. When it comes to buying something, they are all a little meticulous, and it's clear: no one wants to waste their money. Target groups are looking for the best service they have ever tried. At the same time, the vast majority of people are willing to take risks-they need something stable and familiar. Known but new!

Or is the situation not as new as it looks? Looking back on human history, we can see that there are quite a few examples of people in all countries being attracted to new and dangerous ideas (products, services, etc.). Why did they do it? Well, good time and place also played a big role, but good marketing and good publicity are always inseparable from any kind of activity that requires public participation. New political ideas, new products, new services-they all needed (and now need) someone to make them publicly available. Influencers and ambassadors at the time had far fewer means of communication than they do today, but they were still able to spread their ideas to the masses and attract their audience (sometimes even more than originally planned). .. In fact, they only had their own voice and words ...

On August 28, 1963, American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was a world-renowned rhetoric masterpiece. I gave a recorded speech, "I Have a Dream." What was this incredibly popular secret? I am convinced that the secret to success was the "Easter egg". This is a reference to commonly known facts and problems. The speech addressed the serious issue of racial equality, but what about the language?

Dreams are said to have been part of the American dream-a concept known and loved by all (and not only) Americans. It definitely worked. And Americans are actually a kind of religious nation, especially in these times. King has mentioned the Bible many times-what is more reliable than faith?

people in all countries are proud of their history. They love celebrating notable dates as these events bring unity. King's speech was based on important documents in American history, including the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of Liberation, and the United States Constitution that people are proud (and proud of). The phrase "five years ago ..." hinted at Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, producing an incredible effect!

people are different-Preferences and preferences are different, but one background can have amazing effects. In the above situation, the idea of ​​narrowing down your target audience wasn't necessary. And the appeal to the most common values ​​and ideas was pure success.

Let's go back to the present. Some research may be required to find the background and values ​​of TA. This increases the scale of success. Well-crafted content that hints at these values ​​is a necessity for a good marketing strategy. And who will achieve your success? Of course, it's a great and experienced marketing agency! Just like us!

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