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Marketing and Blockchain Development

Cryptoauxiliary chose not to overlook the developing trend in the field of influencer marketing for Blockchain. Here's what we discovered.

Blockchain erupted like an eddy wind through our lives. It's here now, everywhere and there.

Apart from banks and fintech start-ups, companies from other non-financial areas are also looking for methods to seize the benefits offered by this technology: The Internet of Things, the diamond business, the data management sector, Blockchain have found their followers even in the gaming and video game industries, another vivid evidence of entrepreneurs' boundless and rich imagination. So, maybe it's normal to talk about Blockchain entering the marketing area for influencers.

If you can't imagine that, keep reading, we've just prepared food for your ideas.

First of all, we want to remind you that influence marketing is promoted by popular bloggers on several online platforms for goods and services. Now it's the most trendy way to launch a publicity campaign for nearly any company.

It is projected that the influencer market would reach $10 trillion by 2020. Famous people and micro influencers are useful for raising a product's visibility. The number of studies suggests that ROI increases when micro and mid-level influencers engage in brand publicity initiatives.

But let's go to the point directly.

Tons of information are collected in the digital domain for marketing purposes every minute. These data are utilised to allow brands to create the right targeting campaigns. And a serious difficulty occurs here. Much of the traffic is fraudulently driven and causes significant marketing loses.

Given that the enormous amount of capital invested by businesses (and often lost) in order to attract potential customers, many bloggers have to hunt for alternate ways to communicate their message. And influencer marketing is on the scene. It is full with values.

And if you're not ahead of me, in the digital world, you're well behind the times.

Today, influencer marketing is undergoing some shift due to the existing PC-based ecosystem, which has gained universal recognition: Blockchain technology.

As confidence is an inherent component of the attraction of Blockchain technology, reliable and trustworthy, blockchain is a perfect place for influencer marketing campaigns that are good for both promoters and brands.

A visual aid suitable for the subject and the audience is required.

Influencers Blockchain

Influencers are considered content providers in themselves. Their scene is services like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, including Snapchat. What is their objective? You want to stay closer to your followers and fans. They often have no time, efforts and technical equipment to mix up with their audience at a greater degree. For example, using its own sources and applications that increase engagement rates and increase user confidence.

And we can take Blockchain to the deal there. With the support of a blockchain community and a market focusing on Devs, social media and brands, you can build intelligent contracts among different parties to start working on a campaign or a certain DApp to boost information and payments in a blockchain to manage social network information.

By introducing decentralised chain tokenization logistics, third parties may be erased, including influencer platforms or advertising corporations (who usually take a significant percentage of campaign income). It will therefore generate a stronger business-oriented structure that gives all participants greater profit ( influencers, companies, and devs). Influencers could utilise their own decentralised applications with users and their data to launch promotions through transparent procedures and smart contracts-enabled payments.

Brands Blockchain

It is really difficult to choose the proper influencer for your brand presentation. You must discover the person who talks to your target audience and who catches his attention, time and involves them. There are also many hurdles, such as fraud and other obstacles.

These mechanisms, for instance, sponsored publications or shout-outs, join the influencer marketing and blockchain-technology firms to reach and promptly "get" influencers.

In addition, companies can evaluate reliable and transparent information from opinion leaders and their public in order to find the most relevant influencers for collaboration. This ensures that all the links made in this way are legitimate and defended against fraud.

All of the aforementioned will push marketing specialists to approve blockchain technologies in the near future. Decentralized technologies and distributed directories become more and more active as transactions are simplified and all operators are liable. These technologies provide safe and trustworthy circumstances for each party. These advances will certainly continue to change the marketing of influencers and the entire digital realm.

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