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Main Benefits of Blockchain Implementation in Healthcare were outlined during a San Francisco event

The Blockchain in Healthcare event brought together doctors, practice nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals, as well as specialists, to discuss the present blockchain ecosystem in the medical field and the benefits of implementing blockchain.

On May 16, 2018, the event took place at Rocketspace in San Francisco. The event was open to everyone interested in medicine. People who attended the event had the opportunity to learn more about the blockchain ecosystem and interact with specialists such as:

  • Secemsky, Brian (practical internal medicine representative)

  • Lapinsky, Michael (MIT Media Lab Ph.D.)

  • Finch of the Marquesas (founding partner at P2Health Ventures)

  • Lesley Stolz (Ph.D. and SEO at Johnson & Johnson/JLABS) is an expert in search engine optimization.

  • Bauer, Stephan (IT architect)

  • Stoner, Mark (business development leader)

Event on Blockchain in Healthcare

The speakers discussed pertinent topics and explained the key elements of the blockchain ecosystem.

It was stressed that blockchain technology allows medical organisations to securely store and communicate patient data without the involvement of a third party. According to Marquesa Finch, privacy is one of the most pressing challenges in today's world, and blockchain is the answer. She underlined that it will improve and improve with time and technical advancement.

As a result, blockchain in healthcare offers the following benefits:

  • storing of records in a secure and transparent manner

  • Data falsification and silos are eliminated due to quick access to medical information.

  • Payment processing that is quick and safe

Blockchain, according to the presenters, makes administration easier, improves patient/doctor communication efficiency, boosts payment/insurance productivity, and ensures user confidence.

As current technology advances on a daily basis, it is critical to accept new developments in order to improve working operations. It's important to note that privacy and security are crucial elements of blockchain, as data recorded cannot be modified or removed, ensuring complete transparency and traceability. The latter is particularly valuable in the healthcare industry, where it is critical to give patients complete access to their medical records, which they can share with doctors all over the world to improve their chances of better outcomes.

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