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Lifehacks marketing: How to attract target audience

It's far from easy — attracting target audiences. They are all somewhat meticulous when it comes to buying anything, and that is clear: nobody wants to waste their money in vain. Target audiences desire the greatest service they have ever tried to provide. At the same time, most individuals are not prepared to risk - they need something known and stable. Well-known, but new simultaneously! Or time, O mothers!

Luther King Jr. Martin.

Or perhaps the situation isn't as new as it appears? If we look back on human history, we can identify a relatively large number of cases when individuals, including nations, were captivated by a new and dangerous notion (product, service ect.). Why did they do it? Well, it was also important to make the correct time and place, but strong marketing and promotion were always inseparable from every form of work that required mass participation. New policy ideas, new products, new service - they all needed (and now need) someone to introduce them to the public. Influencers and Ambassadors of that time nonetheless managed to communicate to the people and attract target audiences much less than we have now (sometimes even more than they initially planned). Actually, their voice and language were all...

On 28 August 1963, the world-wide masterpiece of rhetoric, Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights leader, delivered the record-breaking discourse "I Have a Dream." What was the key of this unbelievable popularity? We are certain that "Easter eggs" are the secret to success — allusions to facts and questions, well known to the public. The talk dealt with the important question of racial equality, but what about the words?

The dream was believed to be part of the American dream — the concept that all Americans know and adore (and not only). That worked very great. Then, in fact, Americans are a sort of religious nation, especially then. King often resorted to the Bible — what could be more reliable than faith?

People are proud of their history from all nations. You love to celebrate the remarkable dates because these events provide unity. The address of King invokes key documents in the American history of people who have been (and are) proud of, including the Declaration of Independence, the Proclamation of Emancipation and the United States Constitution. The allusion to the Gettysburg address of Abraham Lincoln by saying "Five years ago..." produced the amazing result!

People are different—with varied interests and likes, but a single background can be a miracle. In the above case, it was not necessary to restrict the target audience. And it was pure success to appeal to similar ideals and principles.

Let's return to this day. You may need research to determine the background and values of your TA, which will enhance the extent of your success. Content that refer to these values is properly generated and a necessary for a solid marketing plan. And who is going to realise your success? Of course, an impressive and experienced marketing agency! Just like we are!

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