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Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

Technological advancement does not stand still and replaces, or at least is used to, many things we know and love. Airbnb is expected to harm the hotel sector while BlaBlaCar and other travel companion search services damage passenger transit.

The number of victims among digital marketing tools is also steadily increasing. The demise of SEO and e-mail newsletters has been anticipated for several years. After the EU privacy policy reform, the debate at the end of email marketing reigned. And Internet users talk continuously about how to expand communication with followers. Cryptoauxiliary thus enters the talk.

On the one hand, various new contact avenues with customers, such as social media or messengers are available. And some marketers try to do everything they can and get away from email marketing. The development of business technology is also impacted by millennia. You can easily give up all that looks obsolete to you. The new generation is thinking and acting on different patterns.

Statistics, on the other hand, show a growing number of e-mail newsletters every year. And most subscribers find it handy to receive discount and promotion information by email. After all, spam bombardments in messengers aren't so irritating. Messengers are now turned into dumps for advertising. Loads and tonnes of communications from firms that routinely shoot up "best offers" in our faces became impossible to locate private or commercial contacts.

The Secret of Attraction of Messengers

From the marketing point of view, the main advantage of messaging is that they send messages with a far higher click rate and responses than e-mails.

Messengers are able to provide CTR (click-through rate) ranging from 15% to 60%. Even the smallest quantity exceeds the average CTR e-mail. However, the rate of failures in messengers is equally significant. But with their activities, the remaining users cover the losses.

In the meantime, chatboats in messengers demand a careful selection of the platform with suitable technical features and the capacity to examine the scope of the target audience. Also, the base cannot be relocated from one platform to another. You have to fill it all up again, moving from platform to platform.

Marketing E-mail strikes back

E-mail marketing is always the most effective medium when it comes to calculating ROI and recruiting customers. The financial return provided by email marketing is roughly $40 for dollar spent. This is far higher than other marketing tools.

Another advantage of e-mail newsletters is the familiar habits of recipients. Agree that even those internet marketers who refused to send us a cup of coffee and e-mail checks will start their day. More than half of adults over the age of 55 think they are more familiar with viewing texts on a computer than on mobile phones.

The fundamental advantage of e-mails is that they are available to everyone. Not everybody has social media accounts but everybody has an e-mail address because it is a basic requirement in the world's first and developing countries. This is a key digital identifier characteristic for any other account to be registered on the Internet. You thereby reach a far broader audience with e-mail newsletters than with other marketing strategies.

The basis of the email addresses is always with you, it can be transferred from one mailing provider to another.

Some challenges still exist. The basis is slowly accumulated, little by bit, and it can take quite a long period sometimes. Email providers can also develop additional mailing issues, manufacture new limits to stop newsletters or spam.

Who wins at the end of the day?

It is advisable to start connecting with customers via email marketing. This is a universal instrument that can at a minimum charge reach the largest audience. In addition, some platforms provide free services. In addition, newsletters allow the messenger to express much more than in only a few short phrases.

Flexibility is one of the incredible features of emails. You're sending whatever you want. Detailed material and brief articles, pictures and videos, links, publicity and audio files, event notifications, surveys and so on. This makes it possible to try a wide range of possibilities before finding the ideal one that offers the highest conversion rates.

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