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Instagram Secrets 2021: Fresh Statistics and Advocacy Instagram's Secrets Stories.

It's the spot where both the disappearance and the genuine content can be found. Stories will disappear after 24 hours if you do not save them in the relevant section. But they can draw curiosity, build confidence and make feedback with consumers even in such a short period.

If you don't yet use the full potential of Instagram Stories, this post will be valuable to you. It collects the most recent facts on the utilisation of marketing history in 2021 and lists the platform's most promising promotional methods. We will compare the classic Insta posts with Stories in order to grasp the characteristics of the stories.

Instagram Stories proved to be an efficient technique for acquiring customers.

In addition, brand awareness and conversion are increased. Would you like to make the most of the feature stories? This is what you need to know:

Popularity of Instagram Stories

- 500 million active daily users;

- 96% of marketers who advertise items for stories are planning to continue in the next six months;

- 1/3 of the most visited stories by brands get published.

What marketers are saying?

The companies are delighted with the outcomes of the Instagram promotion, in particular storey advertising. As a result, more stories are published.

- 72 percent of organisations have recruited new Instagram brand customers.

- 74% of marketers upload at least 2 Stories videos each month.

- 62% of organisations claim stories have encouraged customers to write direct notes to them.

- 70 percent of marketers post WEEK or more Instagram Stories.

How to distinguish in history?

1. First publish the best material. From the very beginning, a vivid picture or inspiring phrase attracts attention.

2. Make a brand statement. Use brand, fonts and logo's unique colours to boost visibility in the associated stories.

3. Don't forget sound. 3. Add music to the stories or just a voice to attract the listeners.

4. Study the public. Create material that is valuable to your target audience and interesting.

Differences between Instagram Feed posts and stories

Feed for Instagram

Constant. The posts remain permanently in the profile.

Increase the coverage. A fresh audience is often shown posts.

Without sound. Without sound. Most users turn the sound off when their feed is seen.

Planned. Feed content is usually prepared carefully.

Official. Your feed is the brand and the company's face.

Studied. Many vendors have a deliberate strategy to feed promotion.

Stories from Instagram

Temporary. After 24 hours, stories disappear.

Increased commitment. Subscribers interact actively with stories.

With sound. Sound. Sound on 70 percent of the stories.

Spontaneous. Here and now stories are shared.

Stories are your brand's spirit and company's soul.

New. Marketers only learn the format and experiment continuously.

Continue to read our blog to find more ideas to grow your business!

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