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How to Work with Various ICO Service Providers to Manage a Successful ICO Project

Why Do Businesses Issue Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)?

Recently, blockchain technology had a time of worldwide prosperity. Scalability of ICO investments has risen dramatically in recent months. However, launching your own ICO campaign is not straightforward; you will need to navigate around hidden traps. These obstacles can be summarised as follows:

Competition between initial coin offering (ICO) investment efforts

The primary objective of an ICO is to establish a method for financing. The tokens issued during an initial coin offering will be used to fund your business or brand-new startup by investing in digital assets in order to generate profit or purchase cryptocurrencies. If you communicate all of the project's primary objectives to the community properly, you may be certain in the success of your ICO campaign.

Services for Initial Coin Offerings, or How to Invest in an ICO

The general plan for establishing an ICO is as follows: generate an idea for your project, write an excellent white paper, create a roadmap, launch a marketing campaign, develop a smart contract, test, and launch a crowdsale. Individuals that are taken aback by the project's concept become investors, purchase tokens, and use the platform. The crowdsale funds will be utilised to build the product, while investors will trade or exchange tokens as the price rises.

Before investing, the first thing to do is to thoroughly study the ICO project from all angles: clearly defined corporate strategy, team experience, and timeliness of technical information release (white paper). Developing an ICO cabinet with a contribution flow and a widget is a critical component of starting a crowdsale. Make it simple and convenient to utilise for investors.

Management of Initial Coin Offerings with B2Broker

B2Broker is a company that assists brokerage firms in increasing earnings and modernising business operations. B2Broker has already developed a number of products to facilitate effective business brokerage: Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency Liquidity, Crypto-Exchange Turnkey, Crypto-Broker Turnkey, Turnkey Ready Broker (a set of solutions for starting a brokerage company from scratch), Trader's Room, and ICO Platform.

B2Broker focuses on Ethereum smart-contract development with tailored smart-contract requirements. On the issuer's side, there is the opportunity to control tokens and implement cold-storage wallets.

Widget for Initial Coin Offerings

The widget is built with courses, which enables the investor to keep track of the tokens he or she will receive in exchange for the specific quantity of cryptocurrency contributed.

The administrator has the ability to analyse the number of investors, the quantity of money collected, and the types of cryptocurrencies invested.

At the top of the screen, you can see the funds and contributors field, while on the left, you can see the current ICO phase and token price.

Individualized User Interface

The staff can personalise the following aspects of your cabinet's design: theme, fonts, colours, logo, domain, and registration form.

After registering with an email address, the user receives a confirmation email including the user's username and password. They can now log in and access the ICO cabinet in order to participate in the crowdsale.

Flow of Contributions

The investor should create an account and enter his or her Ethereum address. Contribution flow is contingent upon the acceptance of ten cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BCC (Bitcoin Cash), B2B, ETC, NEM, and NEO) as well as any ERC 20 tokens.

Added Services

B2Broker offers an incentive system, promotions, and a referral programme to their consumers. Bonuses can be distributed during the various stages of the initial coin offering (ICO) in accordance with the client's requirements.

With Crypto-b2b, you may discover ICO Launch Tools for Your Project.

Cryptob2b develops blockchain initiatives and offers a variety of services to assist you in launching your initial coin offering (ICO). As a solution to your particular requirements, the team can provide you with smart-contract development, decentralised apps, architecture, data, protocols, and a variety of programming languages.

The team proposes a solution: they do not store private keys in the cabinet to prevent people from stealing them.

Services enabling the introduction of cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Let us examine this data on a category-by-category basis.

Widget for Initial Coin Offerings

The ICO platform is maintained through the use of widgets that track time and collected funds.

Consider the upcoming 2018 crowdsales of RichBit and Proof of TOSS. Take a look at the countdown widgets for the start of the crowdsale.

Individualized User Interface

According to the various projects showcased on the website, the interface can be changed. Following registration, the user receives a spam-free confirmation letter.

Contribution Flow KYC integration and three-factor authorization are available as an option for the security of your ICO cabinet through Crypto-b2b services.

The ICO cabinet accepts the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETC, LTC, DASH, XRP, and others, as well as USD, PayPal, and WebMoney.

All transactions are transparent to investors and easily traceable.

Communication with the Client

The team can set up a periodic email marketing campaign. The letters are safe and spam-resistant.

Globally, ICO launch campaigns have become ubiquitous, and the industry has become saturated. As a result, it is critical to locate ICO provider services that offer complete technical support. The Cryptoauxiliary staff is available to meet with customers at any time and will give all necessary information in a secure manner. Contact our team and learn more about our products and services on our official website.

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