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How can catalogues like Clutch help you to get more clients?

Cryptoauxiliary is sure that the following tips will make your catalogue work out effectively:

● The company should be on the top of the list. It`s human nature to click on the top lines. The position is determined by the rating and the money spent (sponsors are higher in the list by default).

● The catalogue should be popular. Basically, the most crucial factor here is the popularity of the sections required. You may be # 1, but if the prospect can't see that section, it doesn't help.

● It is important to get all the information you need quickly after a potential buyer clicks on your company page.

You shouldn't spend too much effort understanding what you're actually doing and how your business can help. The main advantage of the catalog is the target audience. We are focusing on the leads that are currently being searched. The search phase can be early (just request something) or late (evaluate requirements). In most cases, the above customers are almost in the purchase stage. And now you'll learn how to get the most out of your catalog with your brain, not your money.

1. Do not "wrongly" ruin your rating.

One of the most important success factors for the clutch is good reviews. Let's take a look at a typical low price valuation scheme.

1. We warn customers of the projects we have honed that Clutch will contact you to ask some questions.

2. Next, I ask the customer about the actual work, but here the problem arises. There are several criteria for evaluating a company (quality, price, deadline, etc.). This is where some customers have strange ideas, such as "You can't give it a five-star rating. No one will believe it. The site makes me think it's a bot."

As a result, customers give 5 stars on almost all criteria except "insignificant" criteria. This gives an unpleasant 4-star or 3-star rating. Unfortunately, the final rating is low. Popular sites are full of competitors, so even 0.1 can have a big impact and lower your position.

If the budget turns out to be five times higher than expected at the end of the project, if the manager calls the client during the party, or instead of the iOS game that created the Drupal portal as usual, the client's contacts Don't share details with Clutch-Representative.

Customers are usually willing to leave reviews. It seemed okay because the customer didn't say a word, but I wasn't completely satisfied. Therefore, you should first collect your own feedback (during and at the end of the project) and then recommend the clutch to your customers. Otherwise, customers may tell you what they want, which may not be what you expect.

2. Find the most popular pages and sections

Catalogs usually do not share data from the analysis, so you can only guess about efficiency (or need to test). However, there is a way to get a rough idea of ​​the popularity of catalogs and individual sections. This method can be used in two cases:

1. Find a catalog priced at "only $ 500" (or $ 5,000) to take the lead or win millions of leads. However, the statistics and catalog views seem suspicious. Or you may be planning to buy sponsorship at Clutch, but still have doubts.

2. You are a versatile player with a wide range of services and are considering which sector is right for you.

Our method is based on the fact that most traffic comes from search engines. For example, according to SimilarWeb, Clutch gets 52% of its traffic from search engines.

Of course, SimilarWeb can lie, but the basic data must be very close to reality. On the here's how to evaluate the catalog and section views:

Sign up for Ahrefs to get a full-featured free trial.

Note: You will need to enter your card number. Please note that if you forget to unregister, your money will be withdrawn within 2 weeks (please notify Google Calendar in advance). Type in the site search to go to the top page and look at the Traffic column.

Here you can see which pages are getting the most traffic from search engines.

Note: It is clear that the numbers are not 100% accurate and accurate, but they give the big picture.

You can enter the URL of the page you are interested in in the search results to see the approximate number of users and the keywords that displayed them. fruits

3. Don't forget the location.

You can specify the company address (even if more than one) when filling out the profile. If you want to buy a virtual address in the US but don't have a preferred city, select the next city with the clutch.

● Heavy traffic

● Not many sponsor companies at the top of the list

This is an easy way to display it at the top. The algorithm is as follows:

1. Get a city with different aspects (exactly here).

2. Fill in Search Results one by one to see if there is a section with the correct number of traffic.

3. Register a virtual address in the city and add in Location.

Note 1: Of course, you are taking a risk. There's no guarantee that there won't be an outoftheblue inspection by Clutch to check your credibility.

Note 2: Don't over do it. If a company that has 1–10 employees with a rate of 0–25 has 15 offices all over the USA, your scheme will easily be discovered!

4. Make the Clutch landing page easier to use in the catalog.

You can share a link to your website so that your customers can know more about your company.

The important thing is that you don't have to connect the link to the main page. Example: Your company offers several services. But in the catalog, it's on page 3 of almost every category except one. Want to personalize this page for users who follow the links in the sections above?

Three life hacks

1. for converting clutch visitors to leads. accurately. People reviewing the list of potential contractors know what kind of service they want. That's why it's important to convince them that your company is capable of helping them.

Wrong: We are building the future of the digital world. The term is too broad to explain what your company is doing. You can sell your server or set up your printer.

Correct: We are developing iOS and Android apps that are at the top of the App Store and Google Play lists.

Can you see the difference? In the first case, our valued customer is reading an abstract sentence. Imagine asking if bread is fresh in a supermarket and getting an answer like "Bread is the future of appetite."

2. Contact form. Put it in a visible place for everyone or create a bright and lively "Contact Us" button. Clutch visitors are usually "warm" and have a fairly high conversion rate, but why not try better?

3 Say "Hello" to the client from Clutch in a different way, for instance: "Hi, Clutcher" or "Hello, Clutch visitor". This will personalize the page and make it more "familiarized".

Important note: It would be naive of you to think that your company is the one and only one. A potential customer won't wait for an answer from your salesperson. Usually, buyers send an RFT (request for proposal) to a couple of companies. To win customers, you have to answer immediately to stay ahead of your competitors.


1. Write a Review Take great care when choosing a customer.

2. Analyze effectiveness from various catalogs or sections.

3. Enter the top list of cities with "offices".

4. Use the website to convert users.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these life hacks will help your business. We faced various situations. A hack that worked on one team did not always work on another team. Definitely worth a try!

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