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Historical throwback of Swiss coffee marketing

Well-built teams in organisations like NinjaPromo work best to assist them achieve exciting achievements. It's much easier than attempting to deal with yourself!What a great day on 24 July: Simón Bolivar was born in 1783 (which means today's national holidays in Ecuador!) Salt Lake City was created by the Mormons in 1847, coffee was instantly discovered in 1988, masons were prohibited from Italy, and IBM improved their renowned DOS to version 3.3. (1987).

You know what is the most remarkable fact? One coffee. Why? This is not real. It is not true.

This is the perfect illustration of how strong marketing and branding can give you a chance. In the middle of the 1800ies for the US army, first instant coffee prototypes were developed and, at the same time, sold in Georgia, already bottled, and called "prepared coffee beverage from England." Alphonse Allais (France, 1881) was the first to patent it, but who gained all the fame? The Swiss. The Swiss.

In 1938, they didn't invent coffee instantly. They have lately created a more advanced procedure of refining and introduced market-market production. And, of course, he had a brand name. Nescafé did what everybody else knew, but did not produce proper time marketing.

This resulted in Nescafé brand name being used for instant coffee in some languages in general (such as Serb and Arabic) and the brand itself was recognised as a worldwide coffee producer No1. Marketing works like that! You may not like instant coffee, but you know the brand and link it strongly with coffee.

Everybody might do the same – and how cruel it is to be the first to invent yet not benefit. Companies must be heard and their audience must be reached and the market presence maintained.

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