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Etiquette Messenger Team

Show this post to your colleague who likes to submit GIFs to a company chat with kitties and cakes.


01. Recall What is a chat for suggestion: for work!

What are the most prevalent objectives for team chat? To record someone's duty or disseminate news for many people or to seek advice immediately.

Non-target team chat: sharing a meme, solving two problems, discussing something personal or creating a project concept with 1000 texts.

chat \s02. Follow the rules of the chat

The rules of chat are not recorded, they are created with time anyplace.

Ask a person who will tell you what type of communication they have. Is it typical in non-working hours to write? Is flooding possible? Is there a real sticker pack?

Mute the chat 03.

If it's not an emergency messaging conversation, you may and must silence it. Everything has time: work duties and talks are no exception.

Chat 04. Jokes don't answer

Try not, at least. Even if you have a witty answer that isn't about the problem you're talking about, but will surely provoke a great number of GIFs, try to control the impulse to send it. Or just send it to someone or to a flood chat you could have.

Chat 05. After work don't write

It'll be nice, even if it doesn't have a rule. Working chats are time to work. Your query or news is waiting until the next day.


Remember that unworkable chats also have their own label!

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