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Do you speak plainly?

Whatever your startup works with, everyone should understand its key principles easily. Cryptoauxiliary's got some tips.

Startups (and indeed all projects) are often misunderstood. Well, better say, "nothing understood." You can continue communicating like you are in your team when dealing with social media — with a lot of professional language and terminology. You are all right, and everything seems somewhat plain, but it is a terrible mistake that the audience may cost you. Here are some tips for clarifying everything.

One of the most perplexing beliefs is that your target audience must be interested and hence every particular thing you say has to be known. It's true, actually, and not simultaneously. The majority of social media users are basic folks. They can also be involved in entirely different fields. If your posts are full of unknown words, the audience will be frightened. People may want to comprehend your project, yet such a "unfriendly setting" causes them to leave.

Make your social media seem (and sound) straightforward and clear to everyone - there are plenty of new projects themselves that require a lot of understanding. Don't make it a book of science. After all, scientists have no social media spare time. You're here to attract ordinary people.

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