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Do you believe in the hype?

The level of skill of a professional is now judged by the number of likes, comments and subscribers in the social media.

A social media presence is called by marketers and coaches a "personal brand." In the years that this sentence has had me yawn, sneeze, and puke simultaneously. But I haven't got one better. The way you look at social media is your "personal brand," and how powerful your "personal brand" is influences the quantity of your clients, money and success in the future.

Don't believe me? Don't believe me? Then check your own hypothesis. Would you hire a designer with seven followers in Instagram without a portfolio? Do you want plastic surgery from a surgeon who does not have hundreds of nice Facebook reviews? Would you buy a costly course from a business coach who likes his own images because none other than his mom does it?

The reply is no. You have a clear model: the level of knowledge of a person is connected to the recognition of social media.

The more followers, the more people love and remark, the cooler the specialist is. There is a "community" around him (another overused term which simultaneously causes me to bail, sneeze and vomit); he develops stuff and has a portfolio and reviews (read, "other people have tried and did not die"). You have numerous impulses simultaneously: gregarian, hierarchical, social confirmation. And an empty account of a modern expert leads you to believe that yesterday he began his profession.

It's not euro or dollars, but our new currency is liking and subscribing. So pawn antiques, sell the flat for granny, clear off all the loans that you can, and invest in your... what is it? Oh! Staff brand!

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