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Crypto-Investor Day: New Tokenisation Strategies for Security

Introduction to the Crypto Investor Day

On November 16, 2018, the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel in San Francisco, CA hosted a Crypto Investor Day. Advanced and experienced entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors, who were given extra possibilities in the crypto and blockchain industry. The event was hosted by blockchain and financial specialists who discussed the main trends and issues surrounding blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investment, and legal compliance.

The Crypto Investor Day provided an excellent opportunity to network with top crypto-fund managers and learn about the most promising and reliable projects for investment.

The following questions were addressed at the panel discussion:

  • What is the best way to make money in crypto?

  • What should you know about cryptocurrencies before investing?

  • What exactly are security tokens, and why are they so important?

  • What do we need to know about token economics, exchanges, market cycles, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies?

  • Speculators vs. buy-and-hold investors

  • What is the legal and regulatory framework in the United States right now?

  • What are the preferred foreign hubs among our panellists?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities presented by the current and anticipated regulations?

  • What are the key KPIs to know while starting and running a fund?

  • What makes a security token different from a utility token?

  • How do you transport money throughout the world?

  • Issues with taxes, compliance, and custody

The latest security technology to protect assets was one of the most essential topics discussed at Crypto Investor Day. Markets can be established or lost as a consequence of additional technological changes and/or new ones on the horizon. Blockchain and its applications are constantly developing, and markets can be made or lost as a result of additional technological developments and/or new ones on the horizon. On the blockchain, these are significant changes in cost reduction, processing speed, and scaling speed.

All of the aforementioned concerns were addressed in order to assist investors in determining how to select a reputable ICO project and safeguard their cash.

What were the outcomes of the Crypto Investor Day?

The purpose of this event was to introduce traditional investors to blockchain technology. Investors are very interested in the blockchain, but a number of "blocks" are preventing them from fully participating in it.

One of the speakers at the Crypto Investor Day was Ivan Novosiolov, CMO of Applicature. “We convened at Crypto Investor Day to identify how we can remove hurdles that are preventing investors from entering the blockchain industry,” he said, adding, "We gathered together to identify how we can remove obstacles that are preventing investors from entering the blockchain market." We needed to assist them in better comprehending how blockchain projects operate. In addition, we addressed how to acquire information on what investors expect from various ICOs and STOs.

“We came to the conclusion that the market has reached maturity. Investors are interested in blockchain technology and want to engage in it, just as they did in the artificial intelligence sector. However, blockchain perplexed investors, since numerous fraudulent ventures demonstrated the unreliability of ICO funding. As a result, most ICOs today prefer to go public with a security token rather than a utility token. ICOs are now devoting more resources and time to the layer.”

Investors want to see evidence of a product's market acceptance. This means that any product in which they are willing to invest must be based on blockchain technology and provide actual value. They're also interested in initiatives with a proof of concept, a minimum viable product (MVP), and even satisfied customers.

For the time being, ICO ventures can attract investment not only through massive marketing campaigns, but also by portraying the investor as a valuable client. The most essential takeaway from the event was this.

What's the Deal with the Cryptocurrency Market's Decline?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States is keeping a close eye on the market. Investors, understandably, do not want to put their money at danger. It is critical for them to ensure that the token they are purchasing is a security token. Since the SEC ordered all ICOs providing utility tokens to refund their investors' money, utility tokens are no longer encouraged for investment. One of the reasons the ICO industry is currently in decline is because of this.

One of the reasons for the drop is the high level of distrust and disloyalty in this business. Investors are concerned about losing money as a result of scams or erroneous regulation. Both the financial and legal sides of the industry are affected by these issues.

“When the SEC gave its definition for all tokens, determining them to be security tokens, it penalised multiple ICOs,” Ivan Novosiolov said of the current bitcoin market slump. Furthermore, crypto funds were labelled as investment funds, and they simply ‘dumped' all of their assets to avoid paying fees. The majority of these funds had large investors on board, and the 'dump' definitely caused suspicion. Another cause for the market's decline was this.”

The big question right now is when the market will start to rise. “It most certainly will, but it may take some time to recover. Blockchain and cryptocurrency exploded into our world and aren't going away anytime soon,” Ivan stated.

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