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Copywriting as an art form: How to make excellent texts

All skills need to be mastered and continuous training, especially when it comes to an aspect you claim to be a vocation. After a lot of experience, the Cryptoauxiliary team produced several copy tweaks that can be of use to anyone interested in creating text.

1. YOU are, not we or us.

Actually, obvious, but somewhat tough. Your tests are not personal for and about customers.

2. Leave school class boring words.

Sounding too easy words make anybody yawn. Some people may dispute that it's not a literature book, but it's not a little conversation at the same time. Come on! Come on! Make your texts catch (and glance)!

3. You need great titles.

No further comment. You. Just. You need. You need it.

4. Paragraphs of one sentence are power.

It is probably the best approach to call attention to particular information in a document.

5. Come up with CTAs for craft.

"Buy," "Join," "Call" – everything is boring and trivial (point 2 explains why that isn't ideal). Sound and appear much better "Become successful," "Join Your friends" and "Get Professional Advice!"

6. Add a personal thing.

Everyone loves to know that a person, not a robot, is reading a text. Share your personal experience and voice your position on this topic, this would only be the advantage!

7. Answer the questions you are asked BEFORE.

8. Read aloud your text.

It could appear a little strange, but it helps to strengthen some sentences, which look perplexing to read (and it happens much more often than you expect).

9. Use the words of your audience.

Just pick up the comments and see how the people talk. Using their words (but not overdo!), people realise that you are one of them, so you earn their confidence. And their money! And their money!

10. Action! Action!

If your texts are theory soon, it is difficult to take them seriously. Add something practical, some ideas that readers can utilise in topics relevant to the subject.

11. Wisely add humour.

Humor is something too personal and even ridiculous when utilised in every sentence. Copywriting is not a stand-up comedy, but some carefully chosen and funny personal comments can help attract the attention of people.

12. Be a harsh publisher.

Not to readers, of course, for your texts. Tenderly written and loved material may have a lot of disadvantages, but you may be unwilling to correct them. You adore what you have written, you love these words, and are willing to accept them as they are. But you're not your readers. As a reader, edit and revise your texts, not a writer. The more now you do it, the less in future you'll have to do it!

13. Avoid stereotyping.

It's merely boring and only shows that the author has no words.

14. Ask questions of rhetoric.

They do not need a response, but provide your audience opportunity for personal opinions and cause people to ponder further about the question.

15. Complete listings.

Yes, you can see, if you're still reading, that almost all of the article is a list. Well, they really make big information better comprehended. Written as one single article, large sentences, nevertheless, nonetheless joined by one idea tend to create headache.

Do you have anything to add or would you want to share some ideas or experience? We wait for your remarks! We await your comments!

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