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Let’s assume you now know what crypto is, after all everyone is talking about it. You’re very excited to buy your first crypto. In this article, we were going to talk about what we should know before buying crypto as well as how to buy it.

First of all, and it must be stated, at the same time as investing and trading in crypto can be immensely profitable, however in life, love and business, nothing is guaranteed. It is not an smooth or short-cut to wealth, it requires work, endurance and information, and some amount of cash you’re putting into the new money 2.0 system, you’ll have to be inclined (and able) to lose, if things move south.

Secondly, lets assume which you already understand that besides bitcoin there is a huge variety of altcoins which includes ethereum, xrp, litecoin, dash and polygon et al. You also understand that each transaction is recorded on an related blockchain. It must be noted this is not a guide to the underlying blockchain, this is a quick guide to buying and being onboarded into crypto in general.

Now let’s talk about the Nice Stuff!

What are the things you should know about and prepare before you buy your first Crypto!

First things first!


Create a secured and separate email for your crypto. Take cybersecurity VERY seriously.

No one should know your crypto email address and keep it separate from the email you give out to people.Get a fresh, new, secure email account to prevent your details from ending up in the wrong hands. Secure email accounts include Protonmail and Gmail.


Install 2 factor authentication (2fa). This may add an extra security layer to whatever account you deem critical. Google authenticator is a first-rate app for putting in place 2FAs


Use long random combinations of numbers and symbols for strong passwords. We use this method to prevent hackers from getting into your account and flush out all your money,

Also, use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection.


A VPN in general is a good internet habit. Join a vpn provider a good way to save you others from monitoring your on line hobby, specifically at the same time as trading. Good vpn offerings encompass expressvpn and nordvpn.


More and more sophisticated hacks and exploits now use crypto as a way to hold hostage your computer or exploit your system to mine crypto currencies. Deploy an anti-virus software which may include avast or kaspersky maybe even (mcafee), if you want to protect your gadgets in opposition to trojan horses or different threats.

The next step.

The protection of your funds is likewise decided through the way you keep your funds and wherein you trade.So that you can keep and exchange crypto you’ll want a wallet. At the same time as coins themselves by no means definitely depart the blockchain, wallets keep the keys related to your finances, and whoever holds the keys controls the coin.

The old adage “not your keys, not your bitcoin” holds true.

When you create a Crypto wallet you generate private and public keys. Public keys are your email address. You share Public keys when you want someone to send funds to you. While private keys are like your password that gives access to your crypto funds. NEVER LET ANYONE KNOW YOUR PRIVATE KEYS. Whoever knows your private keys has access to your crypto funds.

The very easiest and quickest way to get a wallet for your funds is by way of registering with an exchange, together with coinbase, binance, or the other big ones with over-the-counter platforms (otcs). It's far crucial to recognize, but, that similar to exchange platforms, most platforms list a constrained number of currencies, wallets are unique to the protocol, assisting best a number of tokens. Because of this, it’ll be good to know beforehand what cash you want to change in after which to discover which exchanges and wallets support these currencies.

There are three types of Crypto wallets. Software, Hardware, and Paper wallets.

Software wallets are connected to the internet which is the least safe among the three. They are also known as Hot wallets, such as desktop wallets (usually created by the token developers), mobile wallets (app-based), and online wallets (offered by exchanges to send and receive tokens), are needed to trade. However, as they are connected to the Internet and therefore susceptible to hacking, it is recommended that you store a large portion of your funds in a cold wallet.

Hardware wallets are dumb computers that hold the keys to your crypto account. They don’t have direct access to the internet and it’s a good wallet for transferring and storing large amounts of cryptos.

Paper wallets are QR codes and have no internet access. It’s a good wallet for small-time transactions. Cold wallets are not connected to the Internet. They can be paper wallets (simply, a print out of your keys along with a QR code you can scan) or hardware wallets (similar to a USB-stick or external hard drive). Currently, hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger are regarded as the safest way to store your funds. Once again, it is important to check beforehand which currencies these hardware wallets support.

How to buy your first crypto.

Choose an Exchange Platform. There are a lot of Crypto exchanges available in the market like Coinbase, Kraken Gemini, etc. In order to get started with crypto, you’ll need to obtain crypto. Bitcoin, due to its overwhelming popularity and fame, is by far the easiest one to obtain. However, altcoins such as Ethereum, now can also be bought with fiat currency.

Over-the-counter: There are plenty of OTCs that mediate between buyers and sellers, usually offering a platform for ads to be placed and some type of escrow service. Many OTCs will enable buyers to obtain crypto using PayPal or a credit card. They may charge low fees, but it is important to be mindful of the fees charged by the bank as well. Although OTCs are sometimes preferred by those who wish to trade in large multi-million dollar amounts, not all OTCs are safe. They are not free from scams and both buyers and sellers will need to trust the broker as well.

Connect Your Exchange account to a Payment Option. You need to provide all your personal information and documents to the exchange to prove that the one using the account is a real person and not a robot. After that link your Bank account to the exchange for you to buy and sell crypto.Some exchanges like Coinbase and Binance enable buyers to obtain crypto using a credit card.

Place an order. You can now buy your first crypto once you’ve done the previous steps. Condition Purchases depend on the Platform you use; some take time to limit orders and some also offer stop-loss orders.

Secure your Crypto. Once you buy the crypto, transfer it immediately to your wallet. Don’t leave it on the exchange to avoid getting hacked and lose your funds.

So that’s it, I hope you understand the steps and welcome to the world of crypto. :)


When choosing an exchange, it is also important to distinguish between centralised and decentralised exchanges (refer to the DeCe scale). Centralised exchanges (CEXs) are generally easier to use and often boast more liquidity because of their popularity. The danger of CEXs, however, lies in the fact that they hold custody over your funds. This means that the safety of your funds depends on their security systems and, as has happened numerous times over the past few years, when they get hacked, you lose your money.

True decentralised exchanges (DEXs) such as Uniswap, however, often offering much lower fees, facilitate peer-to-peer trading on the blockchain and leave custody over funds with the traders themselves. This type of exchange is widely recognised as the safest way to trade in crypto.


typically, there are three methods to conduct a exchange:


this permits you to set a price you need to buy or promote a token at and specify the quantity of tokens you want. While the rate of the token hits your charge target, the buy or sell order is automatically fulfilled .

Market trade

a few exchanges like binance and bittrex allow you to shop for or sell on the marketplace charge. That is the quickest manner to shop for or sell a token right now.

stop limit

this manner of buying and selling basically permits you to automatically trigger and order at a fixed rate (or a better one), up until a hard and fast set limit. This additionally works the opposite way around if you order a stop limit order.

As you delve deeper into the crypto area, you’re in all likelihood to grow what you will be buying and selling an array of coins at exceptional exchanges. There are apps obtainable which let you log your trades and assist you in remembering which tokens you’re invested into, how much you’ve bought, what fee you’ve bought in at, and so forth. Apps that you could take into account are blockfolio and coinmarketcap or even wallet. Keep updated

buying and selling in crypto is an ongoing process.

It's miles nonetheless a younger subject than most other tech areas wherein masses of trades and innovations are taking place concurrently, whether from a technological, a regulatory or a social angle.

It will likely be updated and subject frequently to vital events and insights. Resources to maintain a watch constantly on coindesk, cointelegraph or coinjaw for an outline of the net of cryptocurrencies. Boards together with bitcointalk or reddit may be useful to engage with other crypto lovers, despite the fact that yet again, be vigilant and cautious of any kind of scam. Often check coinmarketcap, to identify marketplace tendencies and feature a top level view of the enterprise. Finally, meet others such as yourself through meetup, at enterprise occasions or conferences.

Finally, be sure to check out cryptoauxiliary

How I started with crypto, I first heard of bitcoin in 2011, when I heard of tor, at the time I was very young and still didnt understand it fully, but the internet culture fascinated me and realised that this was a break through in technology. I then used and invested in bitcoin in many different ways, through the now hacked bitcoin exchange, btc-e and i often used local bitcoin back when bitcoin was around £100, if only I had bought more. Now I use KYC platforms like binance, kucoin, and coinbase to buy coins, i also use metamask to hold coins and buy some stuff on uniswap or sushiswap, i will be buying in the future more matic and trading on the dexes built on that protocol.

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