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3 Easy Ways: Scale up your Content Writing Fast!

Do you have a business that relies on writing content to generate traffic?

Content marketing is a great way to grow your online business almost automatically, but with certain challenges. One of the big challenges is size.

However, due to the so-called publishing speed (frequency and consistency of publishing new content), a new approach to content creation is needed to be competitive and successful in 2022.

This article describes how to quickly publish high-quality content so that you can scale your content output.

What does scaling content mean?

First, let's briefly define the meaning of "content scaling".

Expanding something simply means "expanding size, number, or range, especially at a constant percentage over the entire surface."

Therefore, scaling up content creation refers to developing a system that regularly develops, creates, publishes, and promotes blog posts, typically for the purpose of growing the business.

Content scaling does not mean shredding dozens of words each week, copying and pasting the best articles, or stealing content from other sources. It's about quantity, but it's about quality. Publishing a blog post to publish content is not in your favor.

A big change in thinking

Old Tip: Write one or two of your own blog posts a week. Then you will gain your business traffic and time growth.

New Tip: Use publishing speeds to get high-quality SEO-optimized content on a large scale!

The real-world case study overwhelmingly shows that in order to drive real growth in content marketing, you need to approach like a hungry startup.

This is a major shift in thinking I went through myself. We have moved from a blogger mindset to a start-up mindset.

And to expand content creation, I had to:

  • Improved the content creation process and set standards.

  • Improve the quality of content you create with software tools

  • Delegating content creation to take advantage of publishing speed

If this sounds like you, or it could be related to the frustration of content creation, here are some recipes that can save you a little time, spend less time writing content, and scale.

Three most important strategies for speeding up content writing

The big mistake most people make is to dive directly into content outsourcing. It's like a toddler trying to run for the first time, with a big flop on the floor.

If you improve the text, create a process, and skip the steps to set the standard, the content is usually choppy, inconsistent, inconsistent, and substandard.

Whether you're just starting content marketing as a solo planner or an established SaaS company, the following strategies can help.

1) Improve the content writing process with atomic writing

Henry Ford first created an assembly line for the large-scale production of vehicles. Creating content should take the same approach with structure and framework.

Does this mean that the quality is getting worse? On the contrary, a functioning assembly line must have high-quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process in order to create a valuable final product.

The copywriter framework for quickly writing high quality content is known as Atomic Writing.

The word "atomic writing" may sound like college, but it's actually a great framework that copywriters use to quickly sketch and write the content they really want to read. And with a little practice and mastering this framework, it takes about 10 minutes to sketch and write a great intro.

The advantage is that you can control quality, set tones, captivate your readers, and outline the rest of the article from the beginning, whether you outsource to the author or not. In addition to the SEO optimization (algorithm description), remember that we first wrote for a human reader like you.

In fact, this post is based on that exact framework and will be explained soon.

The Headline

Spend some time on the headline as it`s the first thing that readers see. If they don`t find the title enticing enough to click on, then the content within is worthless at this point.

A simple way to nail this step is to first articulate the idea that you want in the title, and then refine it in iterations until it looks sharp and on point.

The main things to hit in the headline are:

  • What is the problem?

  • What is the promise (or solution) that you`re making for the reader?

Copywriters usually love to include a number in the headline, and this will naturally lend itself to shaping your outline for the rest of the content almost automatically.

If you talk about “3 things you wish you knew…”, those three things will be your main points to expand on and mirror in the content.

If you`re still stuck at this point, then you can try and draw inspiration from other headlines to get the creativity going.


The intro should cover the following to encourage readers to continue reading:

  • What is this article about?

  • Who is it for?

  • What is your promise?

  • What is credibility (yourself, someone else, or research)?

It doesn't have to be complicated at all, but these are the elements of the intro.

Basically, the reader has insights into what this content is, whether it applies to him, whether it's worth the time to read, and whether he benefits from the information. To get.

Many authors make the mistake of stuffing the introduction with a lot of information and hiding the most important points. If your intro has some short and concise paragraphs, it's a good idea to add a new header for the extra content.

Most important point

If the heading is correct, the content itself should reflect the points already mentioned in the heading. This will allow the content to flow properly throughout the work and give you an idea of ​​exactly what to extend.

This is where the rest of the content can be placed offsite, as described in Step 3, and serves as a great outline for writers. What you really need is 1015 minutes to write in this framework once you have mastered it.

Take this article as an example. The title begins with "3 Easy Ways ...". This, of course, prepares the rest of the content to revolve around three things, three steps, three tips, or all three others.

At this point, you can start writing or outsource the rest of the content (discussed in step 3) to give the writer a good overview.

Whether you're writing or outsourcing an article, here are some things to keep in mind in the body of the article:

  • Extends the promises made in the title and intro section.

  • It provides "results" and covers all important points.

  • Make this section of the article as concise and valuable as possible. No fluff!

  • It's a good idea to include bullets to summarize the insights for each segment.


Bad outros usually just repeat the same point in the content, so instead, try to make a little conclusion by saying something new or ending at the last point in the story.

By doing so, the ending will be arranged and the content will already be refreshing. Don't think about the ending.

Please organize it neatly so that it will not be repeated. In other words, it doesn't just list what has already been expanded in detail.

Here are some points that could be successful:

  • Use some kind of punch line

  • Use citations that match the content

  • Share new insights gained after consuming content

  • After learning the content, talk about the post-conditions of how it improved

2) Enhance Your Content Writing with AI Software Tools

Artificial intelligence is no longer the future; it`s already augmenting our lives to help us become more productive and efficient, and it`s gaining traction in content creation as well:

This entire step is for those that are not in a position to fully outsource content yet. With that being said, there are a few different software tools that you can use to increase output and scale content writing.

Let`s go through them.

Grammar Tools to Improve Writing

There are no excuses for bad grammar and spelling anymore.

The most basic yet necessary software tool that you can use to create content in less time is a grammar tool. In addition to fixing misspellings, Grammarly suggests meaningful sentence structure.

In a sense, this tool trains you to write more efficiently and hone your skills over time. This is easy to write in combination with sentence predictions in Google Docs.

content generation tool to speed up writing

With the opening of GPT3 to the public (openAI), many SaaS companies have created typing services.

GPT3 stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 and is the third iteration of an AI language model that produces text and content very similar to what humans can write.

However, not all AI writing services are developed equally, and there are some very good AI writing software on the market right now. These should not be confused with black hat practices such as content spinning (essentially plagiarism, a tool that simply rewrites an article by changing words here and there).

For example, you can use the Jarvis tool to write content next to the AI, and you'll see that the content is written right in front of you, depending on what you type in the AI.

Note: AI will be smarter and will learn on an iterative basis, but it cannot completely replace humans, so you will have to edit the content yourself. They are most often used to generate ideas, outlines, and statements.

However, the biggest advantage of adding AI to your text is that you can create content much faster. This will significantly increase the output. With the help of the best AI writers, you can reduce what might take 34 hours to write a long blog post to an hour.

SEO SaaS Writing Optimization tool

You may have absolutely the best content in your hands, but without good dissemination, it's not worth it. This is where SEO comes in to increase organic traffic.

Search engine optimization is often a mystery as a very difficult thing that only SEO professionals can do, but it's not. This is especially true if you are using content optimization tools such as ClickFlow.

ClickFlow helps optimize content such as headlines, meta descriptions, and headlines suggests word counts and semantic keywords, asks questions directly from Google, and displays competing URLs for search engines such as Google. Rank your content higher in SERPS

3) Delegate Content Writing

Outsourcing weblog posts and net content material to expert content material writers is the maximum green manner to scale your enterprise like a startup.

But it`s crucial that, earlier than delegating content material creation, you apprehend what top writing is, the way you need your content material to be formatted, what tone it desires to have, what information it ought to contain, and what the aim is which you need to reap with it.

But first you, yourself, should enhance your content writing skills which will be capable of understand those traits.

Hiring top content material writers that produce first-rate paintings in your logo is an entire submit in itself as there's in order that plenty to it, however for this text I`ll simply allow you to recognise the fundamentals that want to be in area to scale effectively.

SOPs and Detailed Processes

Now that you may perceive what top writing is, it`s paramount to create guidelines, templates and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on what consequences to assume from employees, such as:

  • What you need your content material to appearance like

  • What formatting the author ought to use

  • What shape they ought to follow

  • What tone of voice they ought to apply

  • The audience that they ought to write for

I typically use a shareable note-taking app like Notion to proportion my SOPs and collaborate with my staff. Notion is a effective all-in-one workspace wherein you may prepare actually something from mind and thoughts to content material calendars, SOPs, organizing data and plenty more:

Hire a good writer

After setting the standards and creating the SOP document, find the author.

It's important to find a good writer who doesn't steal content.

Otherwise, you may be involved in serious problems. For this reason, it's best to avoid sites like Fiverr and work with real freelancers or use content creation services.

The advantages of the content creation service are:

  • You can literally remove the burden of the entire process of finding and hiring authors, but this can take a lot of time.

  • These services provide higher quality content (although results may vary) as in-house editors refine before sending the first draft.

  • You always have full rights to the content created for you and must be plagiaristic (depending on the service, always check what they offer).

  • If the author disappears in the middle of a project, it is the responsibility of the writing service to find a replacement and deliver the content on time.

The downside is that you pay more for all the content you create, but the trade-offs are almost always worth it. Hiring a writer yourself is always cheap, but you have to do everything else the service will do for yourself.

And since this post is about an easy way to write content, it's a good idea to start with a content creation service.

Examples of these services that provide high quality content are:

  • ContentFly

  • The Urban Writers

  • Writing Summit

  • Content Conquered

Scale up to 2022 using these three content creation strategies

Whether you're just a blogger or a scale-up of a SaaS company, the tips I've experienced in this post apply to both.

When it comes to a better version of yourself, you can delegate the task to others, and delegate the writing task to a professional writer to extend the content. Hopefully you've learned how to create great content and extend the process. But if you just want to leave it to a veteran content marketing agency, Cryptoauxiliary is here to help.

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