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100+ Digital Marketer Internet Resources. Part 1 Part

100+ Digital Marketer Internet Resources. Part 1 Part

If you are preparing to enter the international marketing area, you must know how to work with new customers all over the world. This list comprises more than 100 sources that a digital marketer can use.


Digital commercialization

GrowthHub (the previous name –

The programme enables you to build your own online cabinet and to collect articles and debates from across the Internet on the subject of internet marketing. You should choose the topics which are of interest to you during registration (which takes five seconds). You can not only read articles on your personal account, but also participate in discussions.


The blog consists of three sections: customer (how to work correctly with them), sales (how to sell faster and faster) and marketing Links to download useful e-books can be found at the end of several postings. Moreover, you may find a workbook for beginners that can help execute the promotion of content in your enterprise or you can locate a cheat sheet for creating texts for websites.


At first it was called SEOMoz, but later it expanded considerably to include a new name. The company's founder, Rand Fishkin, is a renowned SEO guru and marketer. The website has an enormous amount of his own publications and articles. In the WhiteBoardFriday regular section, specialists exchange information in a little video lecture. These types of videos (and other videos too) can be seen on the YouTube channel of the company.


The name speaks for itself - here are digital marketing articles. You will receive guidance on producing new ads, real promotion situations and more about the secrets of raising conversion. Some items are accessible in PDF format. They also have their own YouTube and podcast.


This is one of the oldest and most respected Internet marketing websites. Themes including SEO, social networks, content, analysis, and site building are covered. You can also get the newest digital marketing news here.


They discuss current marketing, sales, testing and optimisation, branding, mobile commercialization and much more. All the topics related to Internet marketing are covered.


They specialise in the latest digital marketing news and trends. For marketers who monitor the market closely.


They provide guides for beginners and tips for experienced marketers. They have many publications about working with Google Analytics. Curious cases can be found on their website. For instance, they say, 'We have removed 84 poor-quality jobs, and that is what we have achieved.'


They offer practical marketing tips based on the latest research and trends applicable to various fields of business. A useful resource for marketers and businessmen wishing to move their business to the next level.


They use simple terms to write about digital marketing. The guides, video tutorials, weekly round trips and a podcast are what they offer. They mostly cover Google Adwords and social media advertising in their articles.


This is where you find nearly 300 pages of excellent articles to help solve digital marketers' problems and encourage you to develop your own ideas. Useful videos on SEO, content marketing and website audits are published on the YouTube channel. What is more, online broadcasts are regularly held.


Here you can find the latest news in the digital world, the best news and events of the week, Digiday research, personal experiences of other companies, a podcast, as well as premium content (a magazine, recent research reports, etc.) that will become available after paying for a subscription.


Neil Patel has done everything possible to become famous in the digital space. His blog is a good example of how to write opinion articles. Readability, design, visibility, and content are all at the highest level. For each article, Neil releases a short video. The whole collection can be found on his channel.

Digital marketing

QuickSprout and CrazyEgg are two more sites that contain useful materials from the same author and his team.


Visitors of the site are provided with a whole library of guides in PDF format, marketing tools, research results in the form of colourful infographics, website cost calculators, and marketing services. Mostly, everything is free.


It can be considered the true knowledge base of an online marketer. The number of blog posts is a lot more than 1000. On the site you can also find podcasts on rather interesting topics; sometimes they're not about marketing. Every week DuctTape founder John Jantsch publishes a short post with links to resources that he found interesting or useful.

This blog is not only about SEO anymore. Now it covers almost all the topics that can be interesting for a digital marketer.


It's an online magazine that is dedicated not only to search engines (though the name is quite misleading), but to everything related to Internet marketing. It publishes the latest news and articles about content marketing, social networks (especially YouTube), SEO, and digital advertising. Subscribers are offered several free e-books (some of them are simply gorgeous) (some of them are simply gorgeous). Plus, this is the place where you can listen to the podcast or save your favourite episodes of the podcast to your computer. Also, you can find the live stream records on their YouTube channel.


This site offers you long reads about Internet marketing that are backed up by visual examples, infographics, and practical advice. Especially, you can find a lot of information on the development of a content strategy (anyone can download a free exercise book) (anyone can download a free exercise book). The blog can also be useful for SEO professionals.


It's a blog for those who like experimenting. The blog is rarely updated, but there is a large video library with tips and cases in the field of Internet marketing.


This source contains a lot of information on increasing the conversion of LandingPage and optimising the costs of advertising campaigns in Adwords. In general, there are a lot of useful thoughts on the topic of Internet marketing. The thoughts are presented in an interesting and funny way.


The source offers tips on how to improve user experience and make your site as user-friendly as possible. There are a lot of research articles, tests, etc. If you share your e-mail, a free book on the aforementioned subject will be provided.


This source can be called a library of content on any topic related to Internet marketing (it contains more than 20 topics). You must register in order to read articles or listen to a podcast. There are a lot of frightening materials, but far from everything is available in free mode — you will have to pay for video tutorials, guides, and reports. In the section of online workshops you can also find free workshops.


The blog mainly focuses on articles about analytics, email marketing, social networks, SEO, e-commerce, and marketing strategies. In the Reports section, you can download several useful whitepapers and reports on the company's research.


The marketing team of the TopRankMarketing digital agency publishes news (a weekly roundup is also available in video format), interviews colleagues, tries to predict the future, and provides valuable practical advice on their blog daily.


This is another source of knowledge for an Internet marketer. In addition to expert articles on the blog, there are dozens of excellent whitepapers, as well as a podcast available for the public.


This is a site from Adobe that is made by marketers and for marketers. Interviews, opinions, insights, and simple articles about digital marketing are available to everyone who is interested in marketing and looking for inspiration.

B2B Marketing

This source offers articles about marketing in the B2B segment, as well as news, cases, "how-to" guides (also available for downloading after registration). A premium subscription allows you to have access to additional content.


This is a blog about modern marketing, telling readers about the latest trends and innovations in this area. Some articles are accompanied by useful e-books that are available to download for free.


The source offers not only articles about digital marketing (especially SEO), but also monthly round-ups, reviews of important news, cases, and guides.

Business 2 Community

The main topics covered by this blog are digital, social networks, marketing, sales, business, finance, and technology. The information on the website is updated several times a day. You can find a free whitepaper library from various companies there.


This is where you can find the latest news and trends and innovative ideas supported by statistics in the digital world. The "Day of Life" segment, where professionals from various firms discuss about their work, is a particular aspect of the site.


This webpage contains digital space-related news. It can be classified into many areas including advertising, e-commerce, social networks, search engines, technologies and business. Material is released very seldom (if we accept news portal norms), yet always something significant can be learned.


This site contains best practises, insights, success stories and the experience of online marketing organisations. In addition, the latest news is provided to individuals who want to keep track of recent happenings.


You may find everything about branding here, from branding to web promotion. A free "Top 10 Branding Tools and Resources" book is also supplied to users.


Here you may obtain expert guidance on how to properly use advertising channels on the web, several resources linked to AdWords and paid search marketing and statistics essential for marketers. You can download their whitepaper as well.


The source contains many important information for small and medium-sized enterprise owners. There are a lot of interesting things to read, articles are released every day.


This site provides step-by-step guidelines, marketing hacks, and real-life anecdotes such as "how the terrible IKEA mattress has changed our marketing strategy."


With the support of thought leaders, the source gives you a deeper insight into affiliate commercialisation, internet advertising, data-driven marketing, lead generation and promotion. Research and guides can also be found on the website.


Here you can find mostly articles about digital marketing: tools evaluation, professional guidelines, an overview of important media events and much more. They also offer a true treasure - a digital marketing library.


This journal has a quite original concept (as well as design). The organisation seeks to generate an annual revenue of $10 million and shares each step towards its target with readers (now revenue is 5.2 million dollars). Marketing also contributes a lot to your success.

MB Event

It's a blog for event organisers providing expert suggestions on how to organise and encourage different events. It is full of inspirational ideas, guidelines, tendencies, technologies and a peculiar section, in which the magazine's team of authors expresses their thoughts on the latest event news. On request, free e-book is available.


You must have heard the TED Talk of Seth Godin. He is a contractor and a specialist in several fields and a somebody who has much to share. Seth wrote more than 30 books. But most importantly, he writes on his blog every day, and everyone has his thoughts. You can't say every post has a practical benefit, but it makes you think.

Signals 99

Sandeep Mallia, a blogger with vast digital marketing experience, gives much important information in the form of blogs and free e-books. The subject of internet marketing is supported through blog entries on productivity, online services reviews and monthly choices of SEO articles. It is also fantastic that a sophisticated SEO area has always something fascinating for advanced SEO specialists.


This source includes articles by marketing expert Ryan Stewart. There are several useful hacks which can be used here and now. Both in text and video mode, the blog is available (with a transcript). There are plenty of free stuff for everyone. Just look! Just look!


This site gives realistic ideas for SEO experts and digital marketers and other valuable items. They are usually written in brief notes.


In this blog, Matthew Woodward provides his experience of digital marketing, who is a blogger, businessman and a winner of several awards. The author is not bothered to talk about a black SEO — he gives extensive instructions in one of the posts about how to get $1000 on a site using link spam. The site contains numerous extensive explanations, cases and income reports for owners.


Rebecca creates posts active in social networks (look at the number of shares). She talks about developing a marketing strategy and gaining new clients using various advertising outlets. Advice from experts is also available in audio format.


This couple proved that not only a man and a woman can raise a family together, but also a successful company. Scott and Alison Stratten had four company bestsellers. calls on its web initiative to ignore the usual marketing technique and increase the involvement of the users. Each blog post is a personal-experience narrative that helps you understand how marketing works. They also offer "Unpodcast," which talks about audio marketing.


Heidi Cohen is a professional marketer. She has worked for the largest corporations in the past and now she focuses on sharing her experience with others (Heidi acts as a speaker at various events and gives advice). Your page is a useful guide to marketing. The author makes her own recommendations and interviews other specialists.


Marketing expert David Mirman Scott has authored a series of books with good reviews and now gives free ideas on marketing, PR and sales.


Chris Ducker helps readers establish and recognise a personal brand. His blog is a free source of knowledge for specialists who wish to become leaders of thought and create a business. There are several blogging articles and videos accompanied by Internet marketing (YouTube channel). British accent fans can hear his podcast.


There are articles on a businessman's everyday life and practical tips for advertising an online business in the JeffBullas blog. The author discusses the blogger's journey to success in 8 steps in his free book. His early publications are especially interesting.


On the blog you may find a wide range of articles on all possible themes directly linked to online marketing. There is a lot of content, and it is constantly published. Articles are not so long as their competitors' blogs (for some, this is a positive) but something valuable can usually be found.


Unfortunately, the content of this site is updated rather seldom, but you can find humorous stuff frequently to help you look at a problem in a different light. Web marketing, web design and the internet in general are the focus of articles.


The blog of Brian Solis, a web analyst who writes numerous best-selling books.


Here you can find a variety of handy marketer PDF guides.


This page contains the latest marketing articles from different websites.


Articles on digital marketing, web design and technology are available on this site. You can select any subject of interest in the blog menu (you must click on the symbol in the upper left corner to open it). There are even marketing materials for total beginners. You can also listen to podcasts from various hosts on various topics and download free documents.


This is another marketing blog. Here your own content coexist with weekly compilations of competitors' top materials.


It's a useful marketing technology resource. It is easy to navigate as articles, whitepapers and podcasts are all on one page.


This is a podcast at the crossroads of technology and marketing. The programme deals on digital marketing and there are many expert interviews. Every week new problems are launched.

AndrewandPete Andrewand (YouTube)

There are less than 1000 subscribers on this channel, yet they can't be ignored. Their publications can often be found in the digital marketing blogs of other people. It is apparent that Andrew and Pete try their best while writing guest contributions. As a source of inspiration their channel can be reliably suggested.

JayBaer Jay (YouTube)

JBeyer assists companies to gain clients free, according to his own statements. Often on his channel he posts short films. He answers specific marketing questions in the videos and explains his strategies.

Gary Vaynić (YouTube)

Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known entrepreneur, writer and person in general. The number of subscribers on his channel is constantly increasing to one million. Playing lists are available on a number of subjects such as marketing, social networks, life tips and motivation. You should be cautioned that this man is speaking fast. Luckily, most videos feature subtitles.

EricEnge Eric (YouTube)

The entire channel is rarely updated but there is a fun segment — "Here's why" — in which Stone Templo's Mark Trafagen and Eric Enge explain a very innovative feature of digital marketing within 3-5 minutes. There are subtitles attached.

Marketing of content

Marketing of content

Institute of Content Marketing

Maybe every digital marketer looks at this site occasionally.

This is almost a content marketing encyclopaedia. You will be able to read articles here, download free e-books and listen to podcasts (two of them exist on the site – both of them concern distinct subjects). Conference videos are available on the YouTube channel.

Review & Convert

If you trust the registration in the top corner of the site, this is the first blog about the marketing of content (according to the version of the previously mentioned CMI). There are various free e-books and whitepapers available for download in addition to articles. Moreover, there are Internet marketing podcasts.


This is one of the best-known content marketing and content production blogs. Many articles are available. However, it is not so simple to identify really useful contents for usage in such a large pool of knowledge. You can get free e-books after you register on the site.


This is a content marketing blog with specific examples and guidelines. This page includes free resources (short form — only one pdf-page each case), including images, whitepaper, webinars and boxes.


This is a "Contently" blog about content development. "Contentfully" shares ideas, concepts, research and successful client tales.


This one includes detailed posts on content marketing. There are cases that can be implemented. No long-reading; every post is a tiny letter. Daily updates can be found there.


A compilation of practical suggestions on content marketing, analysis and web design may be found on this page. After reading the comprehensive readings, virtually no other queries will occur.


This site shows how marketing and video production may be combined to get optimum effect. There's plenty of beneficial material for individuals who wish to increase their performance with video, but still don't know how.


It's hilarious, but the blog is nearly empty. However, at least because of this essay it is worth paying attention to. These guides are quite difficult to find. Perhaps it makes worthwhile to look at the site occasionally – they can publish something beneficial suddenly.


This site is seldom updated although there are many comprehensive articles available to marketers, bloggers, SEO specialists and copywriters.


You may discover plenty of information on the creation and distribution of material on this site. You may find a number of valuable e-books, seminars, case stories and success stories on the resources page. The organisation also offers its own podcast for makers of content.

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